Did you know?

Remington has been at the forefront of bench scale and pilot testing of all of the traditional as well as the new remedial materials that are available. Many consultants use our expertise to help them prepare their injection design, including the selection of the most efficient injection process and remedial materials design. Remington Technologies takes pride in providing unsurpassed personal service and rapid response.


About Us

Remington Technologies, LLC (Remington) was founded in 2001 and has safely and efficiently completed hundreds of remedial projects throughout the US.  

We provide a single point-of-contact for consultants helping to streamline logistics and scheduling for their clients. Our expertise is often sought during the planning stages to provide feasibility assessments of the technologies we have utilized.  Sometimes one approach is adequate, but more often multiple technologies can be used at a single site to increase efficiencies. 

What We Do

We have developed methods for low-impact excavation, system installation and injection that minimizes disruption of site operations and protects site visitors.  These methods utilize a cellular approach with rigid separation between the required equipment and site operations. 

Another approach that we employ is using the right size equipment for each job. We select the appropriate tools that will be just large enough to get the job done without occupying too much territory.

Since 2001 Remington Technologies has:

  • Excavated and removed thousands of yards of impacted materials
  • Installed dozens of remediation systems, including SVE/AS, DPE, Bio-venting and gravity feed amendment systems
  • Injected more than 6 million gallons of remedial fluids and slurries

Let us bring this experience, service and capability to your next project.

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