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Microscope for Bench Scale Testing

Remington has received safety awards from URS, Delta Environmental, Chevron and Conoco/Phillips.


Bench Scale Testing

With initial guidance from the Colorado School of Mines, Environmental Science and Engineering Division, Remington has built a unique laboratory designed to test the effectiveness of any remedial material on soil and groundwater samples collected from a prospective site.

In conducting hundreds of tests we have developed protocol that minimizes spurious data and provides definitive answers for the determination of the most effective remedial compounds. We also run a financial model on the final data set to determine the most cost effective material.

After conducting hundreds of these tests, several trends have been detected that can help guide the final injection design, including using different remedial materials as the project advances. Mr. Taylor has presented some of these results to several consultants and at seminars and trade shows. Most recently, Mr. Taylor made a similar presentation at the 22nd Annual Tanks Conference in Boston, MA in October 2010.

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