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What we do...



Remington provides the following services: 

Remediation System Installation

Remedial Injection

Evaluation of Remedial Materials

Excavation & Soil Treatment

Remedial Material Backfill

Combined Technology Remediation & Assessment

Remediation Project Management

Soil & Groundwater bench scale testing of Remedial Products & methods

Borings & MW installation for Site Assessment & Remedial effectiveness evaluation


COGAC™  A Family of Products

COGAC™ - Oxy



Remington's Remedial Product  "COGAC" has been recommended by the US Air Force  for  the remediation of dissolved phase chlorinated contaminants in groundwater. The memorandum specifically requests the use of the material in pilot projects on US Air Force Bases.



COGAC was recognized the US EPA Remedial Technology FACT sheet detailing Activated Carbon Based Technology for Insitu Remediation. 

The use of COGAC at an AFB was utilized effectively prior to the memorandum and a poster on the project was presented at the 2018 Battelle Conference.



Remington Technologies, LLC is an environmental company, specializing in soil and groundwater remediation services and insitu remedial materials. A technical asset to industry consultants by developing and utilizing leading edge technology to successfully cleanup chemically impacted soil and groundwater. Our expertise enables us to resolve problems associated with a variety of site conditions with the ultimate goal of providing the client with clean soil and groundwater. Thus, our motto, “Problem Solved."

Founded in 2001, we are a pioneer in developing new technologies for treating contaminated soil and groundwater. Remington is at the forefront of developing ISCO/R and biological technology, designing and manufacturing equipment for injection work, remedial construction services, bench scale testing and creating well documented case studies that give the process and technology credibility. We know every site is unique and understand what construction services to offer, what to inject and how to inject it, offering a safe, quick and efficient remedial services. Let us bring our experience, expertise and service to your next project.

Let us bring this insight to your next project. Over the years, Remington has developed close contacts with university researchers, consultants, environmental regulators, chemical suppliers and industry specialists across the country. In collaboration with these contacts, Remington is able to look at the big picture.

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