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(Chemically Oxygenated Granular Activated Carbon)

A Family of Products


COGAC™ - N, or nutrient enhanced COGAC™, brings you the proven benefits of chemical oxidation, carbon adsorption and bio-degradation found with COGAC™ and provides additional bio-enhancements through a proprietary blend of nutrients.  For sites needing a stronger bio-degradation punch COGAC™ - N will prove successful.



COGAC™ - S, or surfactant enhanced COGAC™, will provide enhanced distribution of COGAC™ in the subsurface.  COGAC™ - S is for sites with challenging geology that may need a little extra help with distribution to achieve increased radius of influence and get COGAC™ to the target impacted areas.



COGAC™ - pH, or pH adjusted COGAC™, was designed to support specialty sites concerned with corrosion in the subsurface.  This custom blend of oxidants and carbon will increase your pH and limit the corrosive nature of some oxidants.


COGAC™ - Oxy

COGAC™ - Oxy will provide higher level of chemical oxidation.  Utilizing the standard COGAC™ components this proprietary blend of oxidant and carbon was designed to target higher concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons.



COGAC™ - C, high carbon content COGAC, was designed for recalcitrant sites with lower concentrations and/or permeable reactive barriers (PRBs).  COGAC™ - C will provide chemical oxidation and focus more material and effort toward carbon adsorption and bio-degradation. 

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