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Remington Technologies is full-service environmental remediation services contractor (DBE/WBE/EBE Designated Company) founded in 2001. Remington Technologies staff is comprised of geologists, biologists, environmental scientists, drillers, injection technicians and construction specialists. Our broad background and experience enable us to recognize and capitalize on synergistic characteristics of multiple technologies and implement them efficiently and safely. Our focus on these goals makes us a unique resource for environmental consultants.


Remington’s services are focused on environmental remediation and include the following.




This broad range of expertise allows Remington Technologies to become a one-stop source for the implementation of multiple technologies for temporal and spatial changes in subsurface conditions.


Our philosophical approach is to work with our clients to determine the cost/benefit transition point for each technology and design to create the most cost-effective remediation strategy for each project.  By reviewing site data and subsurface conditions, Remington Technologies can provide our clients with recommendations on how to manage effective remediation strategies to minimize costs.  Remington Technologies has the technical expertise to provide professional recommendations to our clients in the evaluation, design, implementation, operation and monitoring of remedial methods for petroleum and chlorinated solvent-impacted soil and groundwater.


Remington has over 17 years of experience in implementing all manner of soil and groundwater remedial technologies safely and efficiently.  In our years of service, we have maintained an impeccable safety record and have not suffered a lost time accident.  All our projects consider recent developments in pollution prevention, waste minimization and environmental stewardship. 


When clients have a clear idea of their desired remedial approach, Remington will focus on the associated costs for efficient implementation.  All our proposals include meticulous scope-of-work plans and detailed cost estimates. Remington takes pride in completing projects without unnecessary change orders and by adapting to each site’s specific challenges within the cost estimates described in the bid.

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Employment Opportunities

Join our team!

Remington is an environmental remediation contractor serving Consulting firms working within both private and governmental industries (local, state, and federal). We believe in providing those clients with a high standard performance, and we provide our employees with a rewarding and challenging work environment along with mentoring for individual professional growth. We are seeking people who bring new ideas, energy, initiative, and positive attitude.

We are always on the lookout for:


Environmental Direct Push Drilling Operators


Environmental Construction Operators


Environmental Technicians

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